EtnaSicilyTouring offers a rich portfolio of unique excursions tours and activities expertly designed to offer exciting experiences skilfully complemented by cultural and informative elements.

When you participate to one of our activities you are guaranteed to be accompanied by fully accredited guiding excursionists to discover a territory that is at once fascinating and awe-inspiring, mutable and in a continuous state of becoming and regeneration that forces any form of life to continuously re-adapt in a strenuous quest for survival.

On the volcanic declivities you will become aware of just how life and death are conjured out of the same medium and how the explosive destructiveness of the lava may be transformed into a fertile matrix.  Every lava flow, every crater and every lava-flow cave has its peculiarities, its history and its features that will be interpreted and explained to you by our knowledgeable guiding excursionists and environmentalists.

 Exposed to these primeval forces of nature a contemplative state is easily reached and the basic human nature easily attuned to the spiritual forces that seem to pervade both the living and the inanimate parts of the surroundings.  You will be able to explore Etna, the highest and most active volcano of Europe, a marvel of nature imbued of popular myth, seen as a capricious woman thoughtlessly acting out her destructive whims at some times, and as a divinity bestowing richness and fertility to the soils at others.

You will be able to see how the ingenuity and skills of artisans have been able to carve the black lava and utilise it to create in various ancient villages some of the most beautiful and characteristic edifices and sculptures representing some of the most intriguing Mediterranean forms of architecture.  The remarkable cultural heritage will be present all around you for all the duration of the tour and, in some of its most delightful manifestations will offer you the chance to enjoy earthy foods, heart-warming wines, and natural products that only the fiery spirit of the Etnean soils can produce.