Etna Grand Tour

A whole-day tour featuring explorations of the craters of volcano Etna

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Etna Sunset Excursion

An afternoon tour on Etna. Explorations of Etna's wintry scenery, its volcanic declivities and the views of the Ionian coastline...

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Etna Morning Excursion

A morning tour on Etna mount offering the explorations of volcanic landscapes and natural habitats

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Programmed & on-demand excursions or tours on Etna and to Catania, Taormina, Syracuse and other fascinating locations!

Thanks to our flexible approach and the courtesy that characterise our experienced staff, at EtnaSicilyTouring we are able to provide a variety of amazing experiences.

If the unspoilt beauty of wilderness, the, fiery character of volcanoes and the soothing tranquillity of the outdoors are the unmissable elements in the snapshot of your perfect holiday, we will give you the complete picture!

Whether you are looking to spend a day with your  family amidst the beauty of the Sicilian wilderness or sight-seeing to discover the remarkable artistic and cultural heritage of Sicily or for a challenging mountain-biking experience on the volcanic declivities of Mount Etna the richness of our events is guaranteed to leave you fully gratified.

Our morning and sunset tours feature visits to Etnean Delicatessen where you can indulge your palate by sampling extra virgin olive oils, pickled vegetables, honeys from wild flowers, and a range of sweet and dry wines.  

And, in our Etna Gran Tours, an abundant full lunch, included in the price, will give you the chance to enjoy the classic earthy dishes of the Sicilian cuisine accompanied by the heart-warming wines typical of the Etnean area.

But, with EtnaSicilyTouring does not end there!  All of the above is now part of most of our special promotions and vacation packages!  Finally, with EtnaSicilyTouring it is never too late to book. Check-out our Last Minute Offers and if there is a place we will offer you a place.

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