Etna Sicily Touring Vision: We help you to change your life.

We strive to be the Sicilian leader in the field of international adventure discovery tours for every kind of day-tripper, by supplying an intercultural experience which will improve their quality of life considerably.

Etna Sicily Touring Mission: Because we deal with the tourism branch.

Association responsibility

We will offer an ambience which facilitates professional development and personal increase of our members and partners. We will keep the competitive level of our vacation packages giving benefits to our territory and the entire community. We will do our job showing respect for every person and his/her organisation position.

Client satisfaction

Etna Sicily Touring generally undertakes, through direct marketing, to supply emotions, adventure and discovery tours of incomparable value of the volcanological and Sicilian world to the travellers.We are committed to completely satisfying our client.

Financial responsibility

Etna Sicily Touring carries out a financial management in a healthy way, in order to create improvement and grow its value.

Accountability to its Members/Partners is in the first place

We will make sure that we satisfy our travellers as well as our members/partners. We will supply you a Report to inform you about the satisfaction level of our mission many times a year. The matters raised within the Report will give some interesting areas to improve our company.


Our values are the foundation on which our company in based on. They come from our beliefs and actions, they shape our decisions; they give a direction to our development and allow us to evaluate our improvements.

Open and brave communication

To ask for and supply a sincere, honest and open feedback is essential to all of us in order to overthrow the barriers, to constantly improve what we do to lead a successful business. Every one of us should communicate in a direct, sincere and respectful way, so our thoughts and beliefs are. If we say the "politically correct" or we remain silent we damage our environment, so we can't accept this. We think that admitting our weak points and asking for help is a sign of power.

Undertaking risks

We will be asked to move away from your comfortable areas, to try things you have never tried before, to push yourselves to look for something you are not sure you are able to do. We are talking about some important knowledge experiences that are the key features to create a learning organisation.


We believe in groups of people working together to get some very good results, to solve difficult problems, they personally and professionally support each other and they recognise their success. Every team member is essential to succeed in a hectic environment in rapid evolution. The only way to reach your target is to make the team responsible undertaking the actions required. Every member has to feel fully responsible for the team and for his/her personal targets.


In this era that changes rapidly with global competition and high inconsistency of the travel industry, we must be ready to change our way and push forward. If we are a well-organised association sometimes it's less important to move rapidly. Every one of us should have the target to maximise our strength and, ultimately, to optimise our success within an unpredictable environment which continuously changes.


We must be fast, flexible and as competitive as we can, by the time, to keep us forward compared to our competitors, we also have to be leader of our sector. We must reach new levels continually, if we want to get the ambitious goals our association has set itself.


Our decisions and actions must be made in accordance with the quality and service high level standards. Quality may be subjective; in our company quality this often involves a compromise between rapidness and perfection. When the quality level is at issue, we will act to get the high standards requested by our clients. The excellence of our quality will goes on improving our repetition activity and, finally, our financial performance too.