Our personnel are formed by people who love their Sicilian territory and who have passion for hiking; we are engaged since many years to achieve a project concerning the evaluation and qualification of local tourism.

Our group of professionals considers seriousness and quality as essential principles, aware that the satisfaction of the tourist is the first target to reach in order to better commend the tourist potentialities of our Island.

We are engaged to give the best services and the best offers to the tourists every day, as we just have one target:

To offer you an unforgettable experience to better appreciate the beauties of our land!!!


Thomas Barbagallo


Nordic Walking Instructor and AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide). Promoter of EtnaSicilyTouring project, tour operator and profound expert of Etna, he loves travelling and looking for the peculiarities that distinguish the local culture and territory. He deals since many years with the promotion of our territory and the accommodation facilities of the ANBBA-AICAV network. He regularly practises trekking, Skiing, Free Climbing, Orienteering, Mountain Biking and Swimming and he really loves his job.

Andrea Ferri

guide andrea
AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) – He achieved a Master's degree in Tourism Management. He is Responsible for the managing of the Alpine refuges from 2004 to 2009. He took part to the 1st Course of "Hiking in snowy Environment" held by C.A.I., of which he is a member. He speaks English and French. He has been travelling along the world, pushed by a deep love for nature and passion for his job and he has been involved in leading some explorations of natural habitat and mountain environment since more than 15 years in Europe and Australia, acquiring many competences and knowledge. All these professional skills and a welcoming nature make Andrea a reliable guide and a pleasant company.

Paolo Piana

AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) – Bachelor's degree ISEF (Physical Education) – Spoken languages: English and Japanese – Profound expert of Etna and the Sicilian territory, he is able to optimise and appraise each itinerary. He has lived for many years in Japan, where he leaded and cooked in his restaurant and carried out some virtual tours of Sicily for his customers. He has a versatile personality and he's a creative musician. His way of "Being a Guide", into his words, is: "living, in my opinion, means being engaged into an active and mutual exchange of energy, words, thoughts, knowledge and, why not, also some opinions and it's for this reason that living and being a Guide, for me, is basically the same thing".

Alberto Alessandro Schillirò

AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) – Guide instructor of Mountain Biking and Nordic Walking. Profound expert of Etna territory, he has attended different specialist Speleological courses in a volcanic habitat. He has obtained many certificates and specialist courses about Mountain Orienteering, Alpinism, Alpine skiing and Canyoning. He loves his territory and nature, he has a dynamical personality and he loves the sport and constantly practises free climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking and horse-riding.

Daniele Luca Mannino



AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) – He's a member of Etna Sicily Touring's staff since the summer of 2014, he's born in Catania in 1974, and he achieved the academic degree concerning the European languages and culture in 2002. He started his job career as a radio Speaker in different regional networks and then he entered the hiking field in 2007. He dealt with school incoming in a tour operator in Catania. He speaks English and Spanish and he's passionate about mountain bike. He loves nature and he spreads this love to the people who carry out the excursion with him.


Antonio Scaramelli


Passionate hiker since he was a child. He graduated at Catania University in Natural Sciences. He is a science teacher for junior and public or private high school; he's also a writer and a researcher of natural herbs, ethno botanical and mycology of Etna. He has lived in Peruvian Amazonia from August to December 2012 to help the poor native people, to study the huge Biodiversity patrimony on the premises. He's a founding member and a "FederEscursionismoSicilia" Guide, this is an association aimed at the operators and authorities to promote green tourism and hiking culture in Sicilian natural areas. He is a naturalist guide at the moment, he speaks English and Spanish. His bigger target is to protect the nature in all its aspects and make the big Sicilian naturalist patrimony grow.

Jennifer Messina

She's a member of EtnaSicilyTouring staff since 2008. She's a profound supporter of EtnaSicilyTouring project. She is a booking and incoming operator and is available to dialogue with the tourists. She loves the Sicilian landscapes, promotes her territory and the Island traditions and she's daily engaged as a spokesperson of local cultural initiatives. She's engaged in the continuous communications among the tourist, our hiking guides and the professionals who take part to the execution of the excursion, she attentively and passionately deals with the information about the excursion's reservation, in order to ensure the better experience possible.



The hiking guides

The naturalist Guide leads the hikers and escort them to discover the natural environments, by giving the appropriate information that makes the excursion more interesting and stimulating from a cultural point of view.
Excursion in the Etna caves

Our guides have botanical, geological and zoological competences; they are also informed about tourist legislation, cartography, meteorology and first aid techniques.

EtnaSicilyTouring Guides are skilled about the territory, they know their environment from a cultural and anthropological point of view, and they are profound experts of the local flora and fauna and are skilled to escort both individuals or groups along active volcanic areas. The deep knowledge of their territory, together with an outstanding technical-formative experience, put our professionals at the first place to carry out high level didactic and recreational activities.

Thanks to their experience, you could visit Etna volcano to catch some of its secrets or simply to give yourselves the excitement of exploration and discovery. We are able to offer you a naturalist didactic tourism suitable for families, young people, adults, students and anyone who wants to be leaded to discover the Sicilian naturalist beauties. You will be escorted by some associations of this field, groups of tourist guides who will lead the activities into the archaeological parks, the art cities and everywhere a licensed tourist guide is needed, as provided for by law.