The association EtnaSicilyTouring seeks to foster the prominence, values and knowledge of the Sicilian territory, by organising and promoting cultural, explorative and sportive initiatives.

EtnaSicilyTouring stems from the idea of creating integrated touring offers and a harmonised blend of welcoming hospitality and good standard of services aimed at stimulating an enhanced ‘touristic awareness’ of Sicily by organising cultural events and sportive activities such as:

  • Guided Trekking on Etna and/or other Sicilian Parks;
  • Visits to the various museums having thematic relevance to our touring operations (e.g. The Volcanologic Museum in Nicolosi);
  • Guided Mountain-Biking activities incorporating informative and explorative elements;

This initiative has the aim of offering a comprehensive service at an affordable price to holidaymakers who visit Sicily with the scope of learning more about the natural and the anthropological aspects of the Etnean area and the rich architectonic heritage of Sicily in general and of the Sicilian Baroque in particular.


The Advantages to the Traveller

Are you a frequent traveller? Discover how to take advantages of the exclusive conventions in store for you!

You can join the EtnaSicilyTouring as a member simply by participating to one of the explorative proposals present on our portal; the cost of the membership & membership card is only €5.00 and this fee is included in the cost of the excursion. You can become a traveller member without purchasing our services by requesting a membership card directly from us!

Your membership card immediately entitles you to a multitude of offers & discounts at all the touristic structures and facilities present in the portal of EtnaSiciyTouring and belonging to the Italian circuit ANBBA-AICAV (The National Associations of B&B, Hostels, Hotels, and Holiday Residences), and of which EtnaSicilyTouring is an Associated Partner.

Your membership card is valid one year and during such period you will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount on the best proposed tariff at the moment of your booking, at all the touristic structures and facilities present in the above circuits.

How much would I be able to save?

Well.....let us provide a simple example:

Consider TWO PEOPLE occupying a DOUBLE ROOM for FIVE NIGHTS in a hotel that includes breakfast.

Let us say that the normal proposed tariff at that particular hotel is €50.00 per night, per person.  The total would normally sum up €500.00.  But with your 10% discount you will be paying a total of €450.00, SAVING YOU a Total of €50.00!


As you will be able to notice on both our portal, and on the ones of the National Italian Circuits and, there are many structures adhering to the initiative and this will allow you to travel, saving considerably, while remaining within a circuit of certified touristic structures and facilities.

These are just few examples of the advantages offered to our members and many more can be discovered by visiting the CONVENTIONS & DISCOUNTS page on our web portal

Don’t us today!  Join our large community of members by simply booking of one of our excursions and discover the privileges of being an EtnaSicilyTouring member.


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The Advantages to the Manager-Proprietor

Are you the Manager & Proprietor of a Hotel, a Hostel or other Holiday Residence?  Do you intend to increment your potential custom pool?  Read on and discover the advantages of affiliation!

For many years the association EtnaSicilyTouring has been engaged in fostering the touristic attractiveness of Sicily, both in Italy and abroad.  At the same time, the association has continuously promoted and organised a range of guided tours and excursions on Etna and to other locations of touristic interest in Sicily, and has worked in partnership with a trusted network of hotels, B&Bs, and other structures, by aggregating his own services with the services of these structures through a number mutually beneficial conventions.  These may include the visibility on the web portal and a number of economic conventions purposefully designed and based on mutual agreements.

The affiliation to EtnaSicilyTouring will guarantee a 10% discount on all excursionary activities booked and paid directly by your customers from your structure.

You will be able to show and advertise your structure and/or tourist facility on the web portals,and on the web portals of the National Italian Circuits or (also adhering to the circuit Anbba-Aicav annual € 180 ) , thus improving both your credentials and your potential custom pool considerably.

You will be able to take advantage of discounts on the design and print of paper-based advertising and on the renting costs of household linen, on the purchase of promoting courtesy gifts for customers etc.

Finally, you can participate, through us, to the most important, international, promotional events of the tourism industry, in which you can make your paper-based advertisement campaign much more visible to a wider audience.

These are just few of the multitude of advantages offered to our affiliated members; many more can be discovered by visiting the web-page CONVENTIONS & DSCOUNTS present on our web portal

Don’t us today!  Discover the amazing exclusive advantages of becoming a Manager-Proprietor Affiliated to EtnaSicilyTouring and join our association today!


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Are you the Manager-Proprietor of an establishment operating in the tourism sector?  Please do read on and discover our membership plans and the exclusive advantage to the members!


Silver Membership Plan Agreements

 Cost: €29.00

Silver Membership Plan Details

    • Presence of your establishment on the web-page section “WHERE TO SLEEP” of our website, which will include:
    • Localisation map pinpointing your establishment;
    • Featured Name and image of your structure;
    • Descriptive Info of the structure, its location, its habitats and its features;
    • Summary table showing classification services offered & features present
    • Contacts and direct links to your establishment website;
    • The possibility of uploading an advertising video of your establishment;
    • The possibility of uploading up to 8 images of your structure
    • Telephone counseling service / technical information for all matters relating to the management of the facility.

In addition, members can take advantage of all the exclusive offers and discounts reserved to Manager-Proprietor affiliated to EtnaSicilyTouring;

On their part, the tourism establishments that adhere to the Silver Membership must agree to:

    • Show the EtnaSicilyTouring Banner on at least 1 web pages of their web-portal, such as:
    • The Contacts web page or other page to be agreed with EtnaSicilyTouring

Join and support our project and initiatives; together, we can contribute to foster high standards in the tourism business and promote tourism in our countries! 

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Gold Membership Plan Agreements

Cost: €180.00

Gold Membership Plan details

    • Presence of your establishment on the web-page section “WHERE TO SLEEP” of our website, which will include:
    • The ‘Gold-Status’ made evident by a golden star placed next to the picture of your lodging structure;
    • Localisation map pinpointing your establishment;
    • Featured Name and image of your structure;
    • Descriptive Info of the structure, its location, its habitats and its features;
    • Summary table showing classification services offered & features present
    • Contacts and direct links to your establishment website;
    • The possibility of uploading an advertising video of your establishment;
    • The possibility of uploading up to 8 images of your structure
    • Telephone counseling service / technical information for all matters relating to the management of the facility.

In addition, adherence to the Gold Membership allows access to the following:

    • All the exclusive offers and discounts present on the “CONVENZIONS” webpage of our portal, reserved to Manager-Proprietor affiliated to EtnaSicilyTouring;
    • Guaranteed presence on the Italian National portals or, and all the relative services and advantages offered by the associations ANBBA-AICAV;
    • An insurance policy for matters of pertinence to the civil responsibilities derived by the risk involved in the conduction of establishments opened to the public and, legal costs assistance of up to €7,000.00;
    • Entitlement to join the Association of Manager Proprietors operating establishments and business enterprises open to the public of Catania and the possibility to take advantage of the related services offered to the associates such as, for example, the possibility of participating to international promoting events within the spaces reserved to the ANBBA-AICAV members;
    • Presence in various pages of the EtnaSicilyTouring website within an advertising box randomly visualised;

On their part, the tourism establishments that adhere to the Gold Membership must agree to:

    • Show the EtnaSicilyTouring Banner on at least 1 web pages of their web-portal, such as:
    • The Contacts web page or other page to be agreed with EtnaSicilyTouring

Terms and Conditions of the application process

The successful adhesion and the visualisation of your establishment on our web-portal are subject to the fulfilment of the following terms and conditions:

    • All of the relevant parts on the application form must be thoroughly filled;
    • Filled application forms must be transmitted via fax;
    • The above indicated quota for your chosen membership type must be paid in full;
    • All of the agreed EtnaSicilyTouring advertising banners must be displayed on the website of your establishment;
    • All of the advantages and discounts offered to the traveller members must be conceded and honoured in full.

Join and support our project and initiatives; together, we can contribute to foster high standards in the tourism business and promote tourism in our countries! 

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Are you the Manager and/or proprietor of a restaurant or other commercial establishment?

You can adhere to the association by signing up to the Silver membership plan:

  • Supporter Plan Quota – Only €29.00!

Supporter Plan Details

  • Presence of your business in the sections “Where to Eat” or “Shopping” of our webportal
  • Localisation map pinpointing your structure with the name and featured image of your commercial establishment;
  • Summary index-card of the services and characteristics of your business with a featured image with a brief description;
  • Link to your website and contact details;
  • Possibility of uploading a short advertising video;
  • Possibility of uploading up to 8 images of your commercial establishment;
  • Entitlement to all the exclusive advantages listed in the section CONVENZIONS of the EtnaSicilyTouring website;

On their part the commercial establishments that are adhering to this associative plan, must agree to publish the EtnaSicilyTouring banner on at the least 1 webpage of their website 

Your contribution and your ideas will allow all of us to strategically team up and promote the influx of tourism in our country.

Adhere to our project!!!

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The EtnaSicilyTouring Statute


Title I – Denomination, Registered Address, Expiration of Practice

 Article 1

In accordance with the Article 36 & subsequent ones, of the Italian Civil Code, a cultural association has been constituted, denominated:

“EtnaSicilyTouring” Tourism – Sport – Nature – Culture

 Article 2

The legal address of the Association EtnaSicilyTouring headquarters is: Via Giuseppe Verdi n.155, Zip: 95129, Catania, Italy.


Article 3

The association has no established expiration time of practice.


Title II – Scopes and Objects

 Article 4

The association is a non-profit organisation and operates to exclusively pursuit social solidarity purposes.


Article 5

The association does not carry out commercial activities other than those having a function strictly instrumental and auxiliary to the realisation of the above cited social scopes.


Article 6

The association has the purpose of organising cultural and educative projects aimed at the promotion of sportive, touristic and travelling activities intended not only as recreational moments and occasions for social aggregations and family gatherings but, essentially, as meaningful experiences for personal development and as instruments enriching the cultural awareness of the individual.

 Within the bounds of such purposes the Association proposes the following:

  • To safeguard the artistic and historical patrimony and enhance the acquisition of knowledge within the framework of those endeavours aimed at deepening understanding and research, particularly with regards to the Sicilian context and its historical and archaeological patrimony;
  • To safeguard nature and the environmental patrimony, specifically by advantaging the resources present on the territory;
  • To favour the socialisation, and the cultural exchange and interaction;
  • To promote amateur sport;
  • To promote the National Territory and its Hotel & Touristic Accommodation Trade;
  • To bring together the touristic receptivity and the Hotel & Touristic Accommodation offer;
  • To Promote vocational training;
  • To ensure the tutelage of civil rights;


 Article 7

 The Association pursues the realisation of institutional scopes by carrying out a multitude of activities including:

  • The organisation of excursions and outdoor training activities that make it possible to appreciate and advantage local resources;
  • The organisation of oenological and gastronomic events with the purpose of advantaging and promoting foods, wines and typical produce and products;
  • The organisation of contests and sportive events;
  • The organisation and intermediation of travels, sojourns, guided tours and visits to selected environmental contexts, having the scope of stimulating a better understanding of the natural and historical patrimony and of favouring a comparison and exchange of socio-cultural models and concepts;
  • The elaboration of projects of own initiative or commissioned by public or private organisms entailing vocational training that may foster the tutelage and the advantaging of the artistic, historical, archaeological and natural assets, and that may foster tourism within the Regional precincts as well as the creation of adequate structures and supports;
  • The organisation of seminars, gatherings, debates and meetings of thematic relevance;
  • The collection of informative material and the constitution of informative centres accessible by the public as well as by individuals gathering information on behalf of private institutions;
  • The drafting, editing and publication of a periodical, magazine or other publication/s necessary to pursue the association’s aims;
  • The professional training of figures engaged in associative endeavours or in any way in the tutelage management and fruition of areas of particular environmental historical and cultural interest;
  • The translation and diffusion of brochures, magazines, books, CDs, DVDs and other media, through a diverse array of means of communication, including the utilisation of the internet and other innovative media;
  • The realisation and distribution even through postal correspondence, or via telecommunication, of editorial products, cartographical information and, in general, other paper-based means as accessories of societal activity;
  • The provision of services and concessions to its associates and to those individual belonging to affiliated institutions inherent to the societal activities;
  • The favouring of its associates and of those individuals belonging to affiliated institutions, in the acquisition of assets concerning the institutional activity;
  • The research for financial means and support necessary to carry out the statutory purposes, even through the organisation of events, contests and games destined to the collection of funds necessary to pursue the institutional scopes.
  • The management of youth hostels, holiday homes, seaside resorts, and areas of particular cultural historical and environmental interest thanks to the stipulation of conventions with public and private establishments and/or third parties.
  • The association carries out, in any case, every activity connected, directly and indirectly, to those herein listed in detail and, in general, every functional activity necessary to the accomplishment of the primary scopes and initiates any action indispensable or useful to pursue such scopes, even by collaborating with other national and/or foreign institutions involved in carrying out similar activities.


 Title III – Associates

 Article 8

The association is open to anyone sharing the same principles and scopes.  The willingness to associate can be manifested by requesting an admission form and subscribe.  The adhesion is finalised with a provision of a membership card following the confirmed payment of the associative quota.


 Article 9

The Associates/members can be subdivided into Founder-associates, Ordinary-associates, supporter-associates;

 The Founder-associates are exclusively those who concur to the constitution of the association and to them is reserved the election of the first Directive Board.  The Ordinary-associates are those that adhere and subscribe annually and can take advantage of the relative services and offers.  The Supporter-associates are defined as those who decide to donate sums of money to favour the association.


 Article 10

All associates are titular entitled to the same rights, independently from the subdivision of category;


 Article 11

The associates are obliged to respect the statutory discipline as well as the regulations, the terms and the conditions already in place and those that will eventually be emanated.

 The participation quota is determined by the Directive Board at the beginning of every calendar year, on the basis of the programs and of the plan of operable services.  The quota can be differentiated depending on the associative category to the sole scope of actualise promotional policies.

 The quote is non-transferable with the exception of transfers based on mortis causa (the death of the associate), and cannot be re-evaluated.


 Article 12

The temporary termination of the associative partnership is excluded.

 The associative state can come to an end exclusively for:

  1. Death of the associate;
  2. Clear manifested intent to withdraw on the part of the associate (the willingness to withdraw, manifested in whatever way has immediate effect);
  3. Failure to honour the payment of the associative quota after the annual expiration date indicated by the Direction (he omitted payment of the annual contribution constitutes a tacit manifested willingness to withdraw);
  4. Exclusion for grave motives deliberated by the Directive Board;

The associate can appeal to the Assembly of the Associates against the expulsion;

The associate that has willingly withdrawn or been expelled will not, under any circumstance, have the right to a reimbursement of the paid annual contributing quota;


 Title IV – Social Organs

 Article 13

The Organs of the Association are:

  • The Assembly of the Associates;
  • The Directive Board
  • The President


 Article 14

The Assembly of the Associates is composed of all the subscribers and it is the supreme organ of the Association.  The Assembly will:

  • Determine the lines of program of the Association;
  • Approve the annual expendable and preventive budget;
  • Nominate the members of the Directive Board;
  • Deliberate on every issue and question presented by Directive Board;
  • Approve or dismiss the amendments to the association’s statute and its regulations;
  • Deliberate all matters regarding the possible dissolution of the Association and the devolution of the existing association’s patrimony.


 Article 15

The Assembly is ordinarily convened by the president at least once every year.  The assembly is furthermore convened when it is ostensibly needed or, when it is requested and motivated by the Directive Board;

 The convocation of the assembly is notified by bill-posting at the Association’s seat, at the least 15 days in advance or via mail, email, or insertion published within the Association’s magazine;

 The Assembly can be convened in any site decided by the Administrative Organ with the condition that such site must be located within the confines of the Italian Territory;


 Article 16

To safeguard democracy as well as the managerial integrity of the association, it is concurred that:

a)    The deliberations of the Assembly are to be agreed through a majority vote and in the presence of at the least three quarters of the associates during the first convocation.  At the second convocation, deliberations can be agreed through a majority vote and in the presence of at the least two thirds of the associates.  In the absence of the above cited majority, during the second convocation, deliberations are considered valid regardless of the number participants present, provided that two thirds of the Founding Associates are present.  In the presence of only one Founder-Associate, during the second convocation, a deliberation is regarded as valid if resulting from a majority vote that includes the vote of the Founder-Associate.

b)    To modify the constitutive Act and the Statute all the conditions outlined in point a), Article 16, must be met.

c)     Every associate has the right to vote. Other persons or organisation have the right to vote if represented by an associate by obtaining a written proxy from and signed by the representing associate.


 Article 17

Prior to the start of the proceedings, the Assembly nominate a president, indicating him/her as a person apart from the president of the Association.  The nominated president is in charge of reading the order of the day, and of insuring the observance of such order.  Likewise, the nominated president handles all questions being raised, issues requiring clarification, motions and amendments, maintains order during the meeting, oversees and insures that voting procedures are fair, verifies the results of the vote counted by the secretary, and reads out the motions appearing in the final draft produced after the approved deliberations.

 The secretary of the Assembly is normally the Secretary of the Association.  In his absence, the Assembly takes the necessary steps to nominate another associate for the role of temporary secretary.

 The Secretary of the assembly drafts the proceedings undersigned by the President.  The proceedings of the meetings are filed in an appropriate filing book, deposited at the Association seat and made available for consultation to any member.


Article 18

The Directive Board is constituted by three members elected by the associates and remains in charge for three years.  The Board, within the limits established by the Assembly is invested of the most ample powers on the initiatives to take, with regard to the criteria to follow for the attainment of the association’s scopes and with regard to the actualisation of the deliberations influencing the programmes of the assembly.  The Board in fact:

  • Plans and verifies the development of the societal activities according to the general directives indicated by the assembly;
  • Looks after the execution of the deliberations agreed by the assembly;
  • Predisposes the expendable and preventive budget for each social service;
  • Deliberates the exclusion of associates;
  • Nominates the President of the association, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer and can confer other charges for the fulfilment of given tasks (the charges of Secretary and Treasurer can be given to the same subject);
  • Omits;
  • Ratifies at the first appropriate meeting di action/s of own competence that can be adopted by the President in case of necessity and urgency;
  • Establishes the rates of the associative quotas and establishes the yearly expiring date for the relative payments;
  • Employs the needed personnel and stipulates operative contracts with associates or third parties;
  • Deliberates on all acts, even of a contractual nature on the disposition of assets and real estate relative to the activity of the association and on every aspect inherent to the communal management, which is not expressively reserved to the decisional powers of the assembly, as stated by the legislative norms or by the terms, norms and conditions of the present statute;

 The Board has in addition, the faculty to emanate regulations to discipline the societal activity proposing them to the assembly for approval;


Article 19

The Board meetings are take place quarterly and every time the President indicates the need for convocation or in the case that one third of the Board members requires it.  The announcement of the convocation is given via bill-posting of a notice that includes the order of the day at the societal seat.

 The Board deliberates in the presence of half of its members and after a majority vote (In case of a vote of parity the vote of the President will be upheld);


 Article 20

The President has the legal representation of the Association and:

  • Convokes the assembly of the associates;
  • Convokes and presides the Directive Board;
  • Can delegate for technical tasks and particular representative functions other members of the Board;
  • Can in case of urgency take any necessary action aimed at safeguarding the interests of the Association (although these actions can successively be ratified by Directive Board);


Article 21

The secretary:

  • Drafts the proceedings of the meetings for the Assembly and for the Directive Board, and looks after the formation of societal books;
  • Takes care of bill-posting the notices of Assembly and Board convocations at the societal seat, including the relative order of the day as well as the regulations emanated by the Board;
  • Carries out all the secretarial duties entrusted to him by the Board;


Article 22

The Treasurer following the directives given by the Board:

  • Is responsible for book-keeping and account ledgers;
  • Is responsible for cashing and payments operations;
  • Predisposes the budgets;


Article 23

The Association’s Charges of office and are elective and free;


Title V – Patrimony and financial practices;

 Article 24

The association obtains the economic resources to operate and carry out its activities from:

  • The associative fees and contributes from adhering members;
  • Subsidies and contributions from private third parties, members of the public and/or national and international institutions;
  • Subsidies and contributions from the European Union, the Government, local institutions and in general public establishments;
  • Reimbursments derived from conventions;
  • Income derived from the practice of marginal and accessory commercial and productive activities in direct accordance with the institutional scopes of the Association;
  • Donations and bequeathed assets that have come to the Association at whatever title;


Article 25

The financial yearly practice is considered closed on the 31st of December of each calendar year;

 The Directive Board must, within hundred-fifty (150) days of the closure of the financial yearly practice draft the expendable and preventive budget so that it can be submitted Assembly organ for approval;

 The budget is composed of economic and financial reports.  The economic report outlines the cash-flow analytically showing income and expenses according to the accounting criteria.  The financial report highlights the patrimonial status of the association, distinctly listing the liquidity, the debts, and the credits, the values of assets and real estates, property of the Association.  All of the bequeathed assets must still be present in the final statement.

 A copy of the Final Statement remains deposited at the societal seat during the fifteen days preceding the Ordinary Assembly, to be viewed by anyone of the adherents wishing to so;

 It is forbidden to distribute even in an indirect way gains and/or surpluses as well as funds, reserves or capital during the existence of the Association, unless the destination or utilisation are dictated by the law;

 Eventual surpluses derived from economic practice are to be entirely destined to the realisation of the associative finalities;


 Title VI – Dissolution of the Association and liquidation;

 Article 26

In case of dissolution, for whatever cause, of the Association, the residual patrimony and the eventual active surpluses resulting from the final statement of the liquidation will, after the payment of any debit balance, be devolved to another association with similar finalities or to the ends of public utility, as dictated by the organism of control according to the article 3, comma 190, of the 23rd December 1996 n.662, unless otherwise stated by new law directives.


Title VII – Final Dispositions

 Article 27

Anything not contemplated in the present Statute, will be under the application of the legislative norms of the civil code in force.

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