Why work for Sicily Touring?

Why are we different?
Sicily Touring works thanks to a team of professionals who are daily committed so that the excitement of being part of one of our crew be stuck in the participants’ mind and will last forever.

We recruit professional and multilingual guides just on the basis of our values and competences.

Moreover, we would like to share with you:

Sicily Touring fosters career growth. Eight out of ten AIGAE guides have improved thanks to the daily experience during Etna excursions on board of 4WD vehicles and much more.

English language knowledge
As our customers are mostly English speaking foreigners, it is possible to improve your English in few weeks thus becoming a real expert.

Learning and discovery
During our tours on Etna, Taormina, Syracuse and the Sicilian Eastern coast, you will have the opportunity to learn about Etna and Sicily with his history, mythology and meals.

We are looking for some AIGAE English, French and/or German speaking Guides.

Send your detailed C.V. with a photo, previous experiences to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Rely on us: Professional tour operators

  • We are leader in the setting of Etna tours thanks to the cooperation with our partner Etna Sicily Touring Association.   
  • By far the best quality price ratio!
  • Because we are a complete team and we offer competitive products.
  • Because we only have tourism professionals in our staff.
  • Because we cooperate with qualified suppliers.
  • The broadest range of sightseeing tours: classical, cultural, original and customised tours.
  • Not only excursions: a wide selection of activities to suit all tastes.
  • Not only on Etna and in Catania, but also in the most charming Sicilian towns.

Discover our Mission, Vision and Values.

Etna Sicily Touring Vision, Mission and Values

Vision of Etna Sicily Touring: We help you change your life.

We strive to be the Sicilian leader in the field of international adventure and discovery journeys for all travellers/hikers, by supplying an intercultural experience which will improve their quality of life considerably.

Mission of Etna Sicily Touring: Because we deal with the tourism branch.

Association responsibility

We will offer an ambience which facilitates professional development and personal increase of our members. We will keep the competitive level of our package holidays for the benefit of our territory and the entire community. We will do our job having respect for every person and their duties within our organisation.

Satisfaction of the customer

Etna Sicily Touring undertakes, through direct marketing, to provide the tourists with emotions, adventure and discovery sightseeing tours of incomparable value of the volcanological and Sicilian world generally speaking. We are committed to make our customer one hundred per cent satisfied.

Financial liability

Etna Sicily Touring carries out a healthy financial management in order to create improvement and raise its value.

Accountability to its Members is in the first place

We will make sure of having satisfied travellers through satisfied members. We will supply you a Report to inform you about the satisfaction level of our mission many times a year. The issues raised within the Report will give some field of interest for our company and its improvement.


Our values are the foundation on which our company is based on. They come from our beliefs and actions, they shape our decisions; they give a direction to our increase and allow us to evaluate our progress.

Open and brave communication

To ask for and supply a sincere, honest and open feedback is essential to all of us in order to break down the barriers, to constantly improve what we do and to run a successful business. Every one of us should communicate in a direct, sincere and respectful way that is reflected in our thoughts and beliefs. To say the “politically correct” or to keep silent is harmful to the environment, so this is unacceptable to us. We think that admitting our weak points and asking for help is a sign of strength.

Undertaking risks

We will be asked to perform out of our comfort zone, to try things we have never tried before, to go so far as to look for something we are not sure we can do. We are talking about some important knowledge experiences that are the key features to create a learning organisation.


We believe in groups of people working together to get some very good results, to solve difficult problems, they personally and professionally support each other and they recognise their success. Every team member is essential to succeed in a hectic environment in rapid evolution. The only way to reach your target is to make the team responsible to commit and take the required precautions. Every member must be fully responsible for the team and for their personal goals.


These days of rapid changes due to global competition and high instability of the travel industry, we must be ready to change direction and go ahead. If we are a well-organised team sometimes it’s less important to move rapidly. The aim for everyone is to maximise our strength and, ultimately, our success within an unpredictable environment which changes constantly.


We must be fast, flexible and as competitive as we can, in the course of time, to precede our competitors, we must also be leader in our sector. We must reach new levels continually, if we want to reach the ambitious goal our association has set itself.


Our actions and decisions must be taken in accordance with the quality and service high level standards. Quality may be subjective; in our business quality this often involves a compromise between rapidity and perfection. When the quality level is in doubt, we will act to get the high standards requested by our customers. The excellence of our quality will keep on improving our repeated activity and, finally, our financial performance.

Sicily Touring Staff


lo staff Sicily Touring


United by the love for their Sicilian territory and by the passion for hiking, our personnel have been engaged since many years in the accomplishment of a project concerning the evaluation and qualification of local tourism. 

A group of professionals who chose reliability and quality as their fundamental principles, conscious that the tourist’s satisfaction is the first goal to attain to enhance the tourist potential of the island in the best possible way.

We are engaged to give the best services and the best offers to the tourists every day, as we just have one target:

To offer you an unforgettable experience that makes you appreciate the beauties of our land in the best possible way!!!


Thomas Barbagallo

Thomas Barbagallo

Nordic Walking Instructor and AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide). Administrator member of Sicily Touring Srl, tour operator and great expert of Etna. He loves travelling and looks for the peculiarities that portray local culture and territory. He deals since many years with the promotion of our territory and the accommodation facilities of the ANBBA-AICAV network. He regularly plays trekking, Skiing, Free Climbing, Orienteering, Mountain Biking and Swimming and he really loves his job.


Jennifer Messina

Jennifer Messina
She’s a member of Sicily Touring Srl. She is a booking and incoming operator. She loves the Sicilian landscape, promotes this territory and the Island traditions and she’s daily engaged as a spokesperson of local cultural initiatives. She’s engaged in the continuous communication among the tourist, our hiking guides and the professionals who take part in the development of the excursion, she attentively and passionately deals with the setting and reservation of the excursions, in order to ensure the best possible experience.


 INFO POINT SICILY EXCURSIONS CATANIA: the booking office of Sicily Touring S.r.l. 

The booking office of Sicily Touring S.r.l. is located in the historical centre of Catania (Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 39 - Catania

Inside it some professional skilled operators offer a complete range of hiking activities, attractive proposals and pleasant alternatives to spend an unforgettable holiday in Sicily.

Moreover, you can always find some information concerning public transport, maps, bike rental and car rental.

An info point suitable for welcoming and facilitating the tourists’ stay in our territory.

Info Point Sicily Excursions Catania is open to the public from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm


Alfina Bontempo

 Alfina Bontempo

& Simona Sapuppo



They are both in love with Sicily and all its cultural and naturalistic aspects, they try to hand down the love for their land passionately every day, they take care of the relation with the tourists giving them a warm ironic welcome and passing on to them their Sicilian culture freely. 

They are going to welcome you at our office in Catania to offer you all the information needed to organise your holiday the way you’ve always dreamt to!



 INFO POINT SICILY EXCURSIONS TAORMINA: the booking office of Sicily Touring S.r.l. 

The booking office of Sicily Touring S.r.l. is located in Piazza della Funiva Mazzarò 

Inside it some professional skilled operators offer a complete range of hiking activities, attractive proposals and pleasant alternatives to spend an unforgettable holiday in Sicily.

Moreover, you can always find some information concerning public transport, maps, bike rental and car rental.

An info point suitable for welcoming and facilitating the tourists’ stay in our territory.

Info Point Sicily Excursions Taormina is open to the public from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm


Vita Vadalà Puglisi



Passionately fond of photography, she knows and describes the naturalistic beauties of the land of Sicily with enthusiasm. She is attentive to the tourist’s needs and tries every day to catch the details of their desires to strive to satisfy their requirements in the best possible way. 

She’s going to welcome you at our office in Taormina to offer you all the information needed to organise your holiday the way you’ve always dreamt to!



AIGAE GUIDES: the naturalistic guides of Sicily Touring S.r.l.


The naturalistic guide leads the hikers and escorts them to discover the natural environment, giving suited information which will make the sightseeing tour culturally interesting and enriching.

Our guides have botanical, geological and zoological competences; they are also informed about tourist legislation, cartography, meteorology and first aid techniques.

EtnaSicilyTouring guides are expert in our territory, they know the environment from a cultural and anthropological point of view, they are great expert of the local flora and fauna and are skilled to escort both individuals and groups along active volcanic areas.

The knowledge of the territory on which they perform, together with an outstanding technical-formative wealth of experience, put our professionals at the first place to carry out high level didactic and recreational activities.

Thanks to their experience, you could know more about Etna volcano to catch some of its secrets or just to give yourselves the excitement of exploration and discovery.

We are able to offer you a naturalist didactic tourism suitable for families, young people, adults, students and whoever wants to be leaded to discover the Sicilian naturalist beauties.



Andrea Ferri

Andrea Ferri
AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) – He took a master’s degree in Responsible Tourism Management. He was responsible for the managing of the Alpine refuges from 2004 to 2009. He took part in the first Course of “Hiking in snowy Environment” held by C.A.I., of which he is a member. He speaks English and French. He has been travelling a lot, pushed by a deep love for nature and passion for his job and he has been leading some explorations of natural habitat and mountain environments for more than 15 years in Europe and Australia, acquiring expertise and knowledge. All these professional skills and a welcoming temper make Andrea a reliable guide and a pleasant company.



Paolo Piana

Paolo Piana
AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) – Bachelor’s degree ISEF (Sports Science) – Spoken languages: English and Japanese – Great expert of Etna and the Sicilian territory, he is able to optimise and appraise every itinerary. He has lived in Japan for many years, where he leaded and cooked in his restaurant and carried out some virtual tours of Sicily for his customers. He has a versatile personality and he’s a creative musician. His way of “Being a Guide”, into his words, is: “living, in my opinion, means being engaged into an active and mutual exchange of energy, words, thoughts, knowledge and, why not, some opinions too and that’s for this reason that living and being a Guide, for me, is basically the same thing”.


Daniele Luca Mannino

Daniele Mannino

AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) - He was born in Catania in 1974. He graduated in European languages and cultures in 2002. He started his job career as a radio announcer for different regional networks and then he entered the hiking field in 2007. He has dealt with school incoming tourism with a tour operator in Catania. He speaks English and Spanish and he’s fond of mountain bike. He loves nature and he passes on this love to the people who take part in the excursions with him.


Antonio Scaramelli

 Antonio Scaramelli

AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) - Passionate hiker since he was a child. He graduated from Catania University in Natural Science. He is a science teacher for public and private lower/upper secondary school; He’s a writer and expert in alimurgic plants, ethno botany and mycology of Etna. He has lived in Peruvian Amazonia from August to December 2012 to help the poor South American Indian people, to study the vast Biodiversity patrimony on the premises. He speaks English and Spanish. The height of his ambition is to protect nature in all its aspects and increase the enormous Sicilian naturalistic heritage.


Diego Nicita

  Diego Nicita

AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) – He graduated in political science and specialised in Public Relations. He’s keen on nature and the dynamics of social relations; he came up to the world of hiking to promote the territory and spread naturalistic Sicilian beauties around the world. He speaks English, French and Spanish. The height of his ambition is to travel around the world and become promoter of the Sicilian territory.


Giovanni Cavallaro

  Giovanni Cavallaro

AIGAE Guide (hiking environmental guide) – He took a master’s degree as “Expert in tourism and improvement of the territory” in 2004. He took part in a course of touring and in several activities organised by C.A.I. of which he is a member. He speaks English and Spanish. After he graduated in Communication, he took other master’s degrees and had some experiences in Spain and UK. He loves travelling pushed by his curiosity for different cultures and by the love for nature; he crossed the American countries to study the pre-Columbian civilisations. Combining the love for his native land with his career as a bartender in the best clubs of the town, Giovanni offers the opportunity to know the different facets of a charming and dynamic city such as Catania and the treasures of a wonderful land such as Sicily.

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